Meandering Families

A week in Font Romeu – PyrennesFrance with my travelling Salomon family had been full of information, success and mountain sunshine.

Font Romeu is in the middle of the Pyrennes. It sits at 1750m altitude and is surrounded by amazing trails as well as having access to the high altitude training and research centre. It is hot and stormy. Small but friendly. Making it ideal for the training camp. 


The athletes, designers, managers, doctors arrived from all around the world, we shared our successes (Kilian, Dimitrios and Zhannah inGreece, Miguel, Ryan and Julia inAustria, Laetizia, Mireia and Stephanie at Mt Blanc) and tried out our new race kit.

We were then joined by our lucky media, consumer and competition winners. 15 countries were represented with the support of our Ambassadors. Flags were raised and the media frenzy began. Australia and New Zealandwere represented by Stuart Gibson 2010 TNF100 Blue Mountains winner and Salomon athlete and Marcus Warner of Ultra168 – an ultra running enthusiast.


Days were spent in the mountains hiking, running, filming and interviewing – and even luckily enough to join Paula Radcliffe on her warm up to the plateau where she does her 3km tempo loops at 2150m altitude.  

Time to test our lungs and legs. 5km uphill, lunch and then 5km downhill. Setting off in groups of 5 every minute we charged off for the summit. I was stopping there and leaving the downhill for the ones with strong ankles. With a case of ‘following the leader’ many took the ‘long and scenic route’ i.e. got lost, while myself and Tom Owens stuck to the short cut – straight up – in the fastest times for the day.

Sunday was the grand finale with an option of 25km or 45km on the stunning trails, passing high cols and contouring stunning lakes.

A successful week for Salomon. Thank-you to all the media and competition winners for your enthusiasm and support of our growing team. We now go our separate ways, until next weekend…


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