GroSGlockner Lauf

I knew it would be hard…but I didn’t think it would be that hard.

I have never had to walk so much of a mountain race in my life.

Fortunately 1000 of us were on a beautiful mountain trail that wiggled its way up the valley forest, over old moraines covered with wild flowers and then finally flattening out onto the moraine itself. The high temperatures of the morning were cooled off with the glacial water breezes and the cloud gods decided to stay so no views of the summit of GroSGlockner this time.

It was nice to have a different mind set. This time last year I was bouncing from step to step up the mountain, with not a moment to talk, slow for a drink or even to look up. This year within the first kilometre I was forced to a walk with the 4Trails still in my legs and lack of mountain specific training to give me a boost. Its really is amazing how you can change from year to year, even month to month, again another reminder never to take what we have now for granted!

I pushed on knowing that in the end this would be a great training session. I came to the final vertical ‘Panaceo’ kilometre. A final sprint (slog up the steps) to the top. I really enjoy these race ‘extras; and decided I would have a good crack at it recording the 2nd fastest split of the day.


I am happy with my 11th place (‘elf position’ as the Germans would say – it’s the simple things that make me smile during a race). 1.42hours – a whole 15minutes slower than last year, but at least next year it should be easier to beat my time!

Success and happiness from all the Salomon International camp. With Jono in 5th, Tom in 15th, Antonella 1st, Zhannah 4th and Caitlin 7th.


Next up…Canazei Dolomites Sky Race for the team and a lot of uphill running desperately needed for me!


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