A Rude Awakening…at Giir di Mont

On Monday I sat in our apartment in Premana – a small but constantly generating village of knives and anything sharp, with the church bells donging every 30minutes and when we were having a lucky day, even more.

I was thinking about my training for the week build up to the Giir di Mont 32km race. With the TransRockies Run in the back of my mind, it suddenly came rushing forward at me that it was only 25days away. Going into it with no where near as much fitness as I would have liked at this point and also knowing my team mate to be – Rickey Gates was flying (and went on to not only win the Canadian Death Race in his first ultra event but to smash the record on his way), I freaked out to say the least.

 I made a decision to forfeit some energy and strength in the Giir di Mont race to get in some more mileage for the week (Tuesday: 5hrs, Wednesday: 2hrs + 30mins, Thursday: 4.30hrs + 1hr cardio in the gym, Friday: 1hr + 1hr and Saturday: an easy 30mins). My aim for the race was now going to be to race steady and finish strong. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-WMHq4-3I0


The 5hr reci I did on Tuesday no doubt paid off in the race as I knew that the last hill – which was very undulating and had 3 little but steep hills was going to be tough. Mireia, Stephanie and Zhannah were always going to be minutes ahead and in the first two ups I had gained 4th position.

 The first 2 downhill’s – like usual I was actually embarrassing myself how slow I was going down and dropped to 5th. But finally on the last climb, I was able to put enough of a gap to hold 4th to the finish.


The event was incredible with locals, children, walkers, cows and donkeys lining the 32km course. Music was blasting, cow bells were ringing, banners were swinging and whistles were blowing. It was an awe-inspiring and humbling experience and one that I will definitely return to. I was happy how I felt, even with some long runs before and feel more confident about the TransRockies Run.

I now head toVancouverand then tour some big mountains and high altitude as we head south towards Leadville where we will help Ryan Sandes in his Leadville100 endeavour before we begin our journey across the Rockies.


2 thoughts on “A Rude Awakening…at Giir di Mont

  1. Great Job Frosty! You and Ricky are going to be great at Transrockies. Saw Ricky at the Death Race and looks ready to eat up some more mountains. Wish I could be there. You going back to San Fran to defend?

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