The Tourist – Vancouver

It was nice to be back in a culture more similar to my own, and like always for me, so exciting to be in a new place. Especially when it is somewhere as beautiful as here!

The flight was stunning, as we passed overGreenlandand across Canada with views of ice capped mountains and bright blue lakes. I was amazed to see so much snow on the peaks aroundVancouver…apparently it has been a late and cold summer so fortunately for the Canadians…I bought the sunshine with me and the days have been hot, hot, hot!

Eddie and Lisa were my fantastic tour guides and even put on a stunning fireworks display for me.

The Grouse Grind was going to be a must and Eddie and I puffed our way up in 36mins and Lisa setting a new PB. I ran inStanleyParkand we ate 25Ë chicken wings, but there is still so much more to do!

I am now in Squamish with my legendary team mate Jen Segger who is showing me her local wonderful trails, cafes, lakes and snow covered mountains.


The Salomon 5 Peaks Trail Running Series at MountSeymour is on this weekend and topping it all off with some camping near Whistler.

How lucky am I?!


One thought on “The Tourist – Vancouver

  1. Wonderful to see you in Canada. Nice to see Eddie there too.
    Say hello to him from us if you can. I’m glad you are so happy!
    Take care, Flo and Om x

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