TransRockies Run Preparation

With my new ‘freaked out’ enthusiasm (see my last blog to get training for the TransRockies Run (TRR), I head to Salt Lake City (SLC) to meet up with my fellow TRR running buddies Martin Gaffuri and Phil Villeneuve at the Pasley residence. I knew they would also be cranking up the final miles in preparation and also in search for ‘hot and high’.

And SLC was definitely that. Sleeping in itself was a chore, through the heat and the noise of the crickets outside. While running, the Aspen trees gave some respite to the cooking heat that bounced back up off the dusty rock trails.

And even at 2500m high up on the red trailed Wasatch Crest, temperatures soared. The summer flowers had come up behind schedule due to the late snow fall and they were blooming in full force! Bright orange, blues, pinks, in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

 Suggested…‘ParkCityas it wouldn’t be as hot there’…yeah right. At 2000m the heat just turned it up with the dry air making talking and running impossible. The Halliday family warmly welcomed us to the area and a speedy 15km trail race on theRoundValleytrails really got the heart pumping as I chased 2 other speedsters around in just over an hour!


With about 30hours of running and over 10,000m ascent mostly above 2000m in the last 2 weeks, I am feeling pooped and ready for an easier week leading up to TRR.

We now drop to Moab– a little lower to aid in some recovery, before heading up to Leadville at 3000m to help Ryan Sandes prepare and race Leadville100. Yes, it is the day before TRR starts but this is an opportunity not to be missed. I will be pacing – well, talking to Ryan from mile 50-60.5 over Hope Pass and then passing onto PhilV, Josh Korn and Adam Chase to bring him home! 

Then the 6 days of high, hot, long running, and freezing cold dark camping begins with Rickey Gates – who the day before will fly up Pikes Peak – good warm up!

See the TransRockies Run website: or go to Salomon Running Facebook page to get updates of the race.

 Taper week…arghhhhhh!


One thought on “TransRockies Run Preparation

  1. It was warm and Frosty here in Park City this week and that’s because Anna Frost shared her love for Trail Running for those fortunate enough to meet her.

    Anna’s running buddies Martin Gaffuri and Phil Villeneuveng changed the mountain climate with their authentic Trail Running enthusiasm.

    It’s truly energizing to be around such good people, I guess that’s why “Good People Run”!

    Good Luck Anna, Ricky, Martin and Rachelle!

    The Halliday’s, Nick, Rick and Wendy

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