Kiwis Fly to TransRockies

As I prepare for 6days, 119.5 miles and 20,800 feet elevation gain of racing across the Rockies with American Rickey Gates, I also look into the field to find some fellow Kiwis! Here is a quick introduction to them.

Lindsay McCord and Fleur Bromely – Mixed Team

From Auckland, they are currently having a week in Boulder – cramming in a bit of altitude acclimatisation! I asked them…

1. What brings you to TRR? We are endurance athletes/triathletes looking for a new challenge and an excuse to visit Boulder and the Rockies.

2. What are you fearing the most? The unknown, how our body will react to altitude and the heat, the multiday nature of the event and possibility of injuries and not being able to complete it. Also (for me the female team member, the cold nights)

3. Have you done a stage race or ultra race before? Various mulitsport stage races and one ultramarathon

4. What are you looking forward to the most? Meeting new people, seeing the scenery and views, relaxing after each stage and the sense of accomplishment when completed.

and meet…

Joe Fagan

Also from Auckland who is teaming up with Max Metcalfe from USA in the open mens catergory

1. What brings you to TRR? Well, I guess I was looking for a new challenge. I also had work commitments in the USA so was looking around for a race to do while I was over here. Plus the TRR is completely different from the events I normally do. So I am here to try something new and to see Colorado (and the timing was right).

 2. what are you fearing the most? I would like to say I have no fears but I hurt my knee three weeks ago and I am hoping it will hold out for six days. Other than that all is good. From previous experiences (climbing and hiking) I know the altitude will be tough. But the knee is an unknown and thus concerns me more.

 3. have you done a stage race or ultra race before? I have competed in two day multi-sport and running races but nothing that lasted six days. I have never done an ultra. I have done lots of multi-day adventures from 2-30 days – but these were all of my own creation (and were not races). Max and I did a 6 day 600km run, ride, paddle across the North Island (NZ) last year and remained friends so we should be sweet 🙂

4. what are you looking forward to the most? I like the idea of a journey. I like meeting new people. I like challenges. I like trail running. I like new places. I like team events. I like downhills. I like camping. I like the simplicity of it. I like power bars. I like mountains. I like a lot of things about this type of race. But lets be honest I am looking forward to finishing the most.

Good Luck guys…see you at Bueno Vista after ‘muling’ for Ryan Sandes at Leadville100.

Here is a look at the route.


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