TransRockies Run 2011

Buena Vista to Beaver Creek –Colorado

6days, 120miles, 20,000feet of Elevation Gain, 2 people – Rickey Gates and Me – Mixed Open Category

We both started the day before the race. Rickey racing the Pikes Peak Ascent and me pacing Ryan Sandes over Hope Pass to his win in Leadville100.


We were already buzzing to say the least!

Day 1 – 20.8miles, 2,500feet climb

A great way to get the nerves and tension out with stunning views of the Rockies Mountains and winding hot sandy trails. If ever a time to prepare for a race by getting acclimatised to altitude and heat it was now. No wind, just baking sun…and that was how it was going to stay for the week. No air to breathe either…sleeping and racing all above 2500m altitude…and that was how it was going to stay for the week too. Luckily I had an awesome 2 high and hot weeks with PhilV and the Goat (see older posts of our road trip from Salt Lake City to Moab to Leadville100) to prepare myself.

Position: 1st – leading by 12mins

Check out my day racing stats at:

Day 2 – 13.4miles, 3,200feet climb

Hope(less) pass. I stared this day with sore legs from already doing this day…in the Leadville100 with Ryan Sandes. But never the less, it is an awesome climb with stunning views and with bright but late blooming wild flowers everywhere. When you put 2 mountain climbers together you know there will be a recipe for 110% stomping of the mountain. And that’s what we did all the way to 12,532ft above.

Position: 1st – leading by 19mins

Day 3 – 24.3miles, 2,700feet climb

The long undulating day that started so well and at about 8km to go – our legs decided to stop. Rickey’s hamstrings went ping and my legs went bonk. I guess that makes for a good team…so you can drag each other through the final long kilometres.

Position: 1st – leading by 25mins

Day 4 – 14.2miles, 2,800feet climb

Another steep and never-ending hill climb for us to bury each other into and to take our mind off the hard day 3 in the office. Once at the top it was all margaritas and fish tacos in our mind at Red Cliff Mangoes Bar as we flew down the freezing cold river rocks and onto the final railway home.

Position: 1st – leading by 37mins

 Day 5 – 23.6miles, 4,100feet climb

Sufferfest. I woke feeling nautious, as did many. Whether there was a bug going round or if our bodies were finally saying ‘stop it’, im not sure. But trying to get gels, jelly shots and warm bananas down proves very hard. With nothing in my legs, Rickey locked me In and towed me through the day by our life line!

Position: 1st – leading by 50mins

Day 6 – 23.6miles, 5,000feet climb

The final day. A new and adventurous course on single trails throughAspentree forests, lots of ups and downs and even the crossing under the motor way was a quick way back to reality that’s for sure. Feeling the finish line coming closer willed us up the last hill along with some grunts of exhaustion. And finally we were there.

Position: 1st – with a total of time of 17:07:37.4 and a lead of over an hour. Our time also put us in 4th position overall behind the 3 leading open mens teams, including our very own Salomon team of Ricky Lightfoot and Tom Owens who placed 3rd overall.


TransRockies is a journey that will forever. So many inspirational people there for so many different reasons. All connecting through the pureness of the trails. the freedom of being out there pushing our own boundries and challenging our own minds.

CONGRATULATIONS to all, and speedy trails from here.



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