Salomon South Africa Tour

I arrived into South Africa to a stunning red and orange sunset. After a week break in USA, I was back with the family. The Salomon family.

The plan was to be joined by trail running enthusiasts from Johannesburg/Pretoria to Durban and Cape Town for SLAB and Exo seminars from Greg and Serge, inspiration from Kilian, motivation from Ryan, product and Frosty ‘three lung’ testing and of course animal hunting.

The fantastic Salomon Team SA made sure we got a full tour starting with a traditional Braai Picnic in the bush – a barbeque with the hyenas and wild cats served with love and big white smiles from the locals.

4.15am – the alarm! An early flight to make sure we have plenty of time to go on a Karkloof Canopy Tour. Flinging ourselves off the platforms and into thin air zipping along the wires until we hit the next platform…some wires as long as 170m. Another hard day at work.

The drive home took us past one of the many settlements. Tin houses lined kilometres of motorway. Shacks not even as tall as me, windows; no, toilets; no, spare rooms; no, running water; no. A life that I can not imagine as we head back to our 5 star guest house making me feel lucky but at the same time selfish and greedy.

Flying into Cape Town was breath taking. Rock mountains jagged up out of the bright blue sea at every glance out. We were itching to get up on Table Mountain where we ran in awe of the stunning views.

The Table Mountain Challenge was 38km of 3 legs if you wanted to do it in a relay. I chose solo. Which meant 2 fairly flat and fast legs followed by the last and longest leg. With no markers, no water – unless you dove into the ice tea coloured waterfalls, and a steep rock wall to face off with and where I was able to open a gap on the rest of the field and also catch up to some of the leading men.

It was a hot day up on the top and even the brown muddy puddles looked inviting as we twisted out way through the sandy and spiky narrow paths leading to the ravine back down to the bottom of the mountain. A stunning day out with winning new record time of 4.11hrs and 6th position out right.

I have had a lovely week with my amazing tour guides – Ryan Sandes and Vanessa Haywood ticking all the boxes:

 Wine and chocolate tasting

 Cape Point

 Hout Bay Market

 Lions Head

 Table Mountain

 and much much more.

It is definitely a place I will come back to adventure some more. Thanks so much to all who have made my trip so special and warming.

I am now repacking my home (my 100L duffel bag) to continue my tour and this time I get to have a quick visit home via Auckland for some rugby before heading off again to the Mount Kinabalu Climbathon in Borneo Malaysia.



One thought on “Salomon South Africa Tour

  1. We dwell in the reflected glory of your being the most adventurous, successful, and cheerful sweet-natured person
    in our midst, or wherever you happen to be in this world.
    love FLO and OM xoxoxox

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