Back to my Origin

I was lucky to be able to squeeze in a refreshing trip back home toNew Zealand between the South Africa and Kinabalu jaunts to see some of the Rugby World Cup hype and show Gilbert some of my favourite beaches, mountains and running trails.


And I may as well be totally open and honest…it has been tough. For the last 6years Gilbert has been my rock, my best supporter, my happiness, and without that we would not have lasted so long. And now we have let go of that so I can follow my passion for running and he can continue his adventures in life. It really doesn’t make any sense to anyone but to us so I will not try to explain, but this is a chance for me to say a simple “thanks Gil, forever in my heart and maybe at the cross roads”. 

It was nice to share my sporadic life in NZ with Gil and his friends watching the Welsh take it to the Fijians in Hamilton, road tripping to Picton and a blurry Irish V Wales match in Wellington before surviving a Christchurch Earthquake, wizzing past the cliffs on the shotover jet, slicing a few golf balls, hitting the slopes in Methven while I trashed the road bike and the magpies thrashed me, summited Ben Lomond and sat out the flooding rain in Dunedin. A month gone just like that and still so much to do, so much to see, so many people to meet. I wish I could stop time.  

But like always…we are fantastic travel and adventure buddies and head to Borneo for the Kinabalu Climbathon before a sunshine holiday in Langkawi.


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