San Fran 50mile. Round two!

Again it was no, no, no.

After last years surprising win I had 6weeks of pain and utter disbelief in what I had just done and swore never again.

However as the months went by, the pain wore off and my toe nails grew back, I became more and more intrigued by ultra running and about the weird mental spaces you go. After pacing Ryan Sandes to his amazing victory at Leadville, I was inspired to have another go at San Fran.


With a slightly disappointing year in terms of my form/injury, I am not as far ahead as I would have liked. So it will be much like last year…a month of hard yards. I will do similar preparation as last year, but this year from the comfort of my home trails in Dunedin. I will aim for about 20hours of running per week mainly in the hills, but some flat and fast as well as 15-18hours per week of cross training including cycling, swimming and gym work such as spinning, rowing, weights, core strength and Pilates.  


With the amazing support of the whole Salomon team and especially Matt Ward who pulled me through the final tough 20miles, I was able to pull off the win. Again this year I have the support of an incredible team. And this year Phil V is going to suffer ‘Frosty Three Lungs’ and pace me from 30miles.


So here we go – a month of eating, breathing, living, sleeping the San Fran 50miler. See you at the start line for another beastie 50miles!


7 thoughts on “San Fran 50mile. Round two!

  1. I will never understand why 50 miles but I think you have great tenacity and willpower and a huge generosity for us all. We will all be supporting you. Go well.

  2. Anna you are an inspiration to us all and we are so proud of you and the effort you put into these mind blowing backbreaking events
    We wish you well for this 50 mile race

  3. We are holding you in our hearts and hoping to add to the warm, positive vibes that will carry you safely through your adventure .Lots of love FLO and OM

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