The Miles are Banked!

Now it’s down to the day and who can ‘hold on’ for the longest.
In the last 40 days I have trained my butt off – literally – dropping 5kgs, I have gone through 3 pairs of shoes, I have clocked up over 60hrs of running and an extra 50hrs of cross training (weights, cycling, gym cardio and swimming) and chewed through an uncountable number of mule energy and protein bars.

And now I am heading to San Francisco to meet the rest of my Salomon family in preparation for The North Face 50mile Championships.

Thanks so much to all who have been part of this mission. My wonderful family and friends, my understanding and just as crazy running buddies, ABSolute Gym, Helen and team at Physio Performance, Mikki nutritionist and everyone else who has given me encouragement. Ill be drawing on your strength.

Keep an eye on Salomon Running or my Facebook page, irunfar or flightcrew twitter for race updates! We set off at 5am on Saturday 3rd Dec.


7 thoughts on “The Miles are Banked!

  1. Right on Frosty 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing you down there!
    Sounds like a heap of fun training, I’m sure it will pay off.
    Enjoy some much earned rest before 50 miles of bliss/ pain 🙂

  2. Hey Frosty! Wishing you all the best for your race – you’ve done the training, you got the miles in the bag, now go defend your title, girl, I KNOW you’ll do it! Give it horns, as we say here in SA!

  3. Hey Anna
    Your determination to achieve your goals is inspiring and you’ve worked so hard; wishing you a very special race.
    Sunshine & love x Sarah

  4. GO FROSTY GO! Hopefully I get to wish you best of luck in person in San Fran but if not all the best mojo to you! It is going to be a great day!

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