San Frantastic!

I must have been the happiest chappy in the world today.

The sun was flashing through the gaps in the high above trees and I was on the quiet trails heading down to Stinson Beach. Surrounded by old forest trails, waves crashing down below and a cool breeze picking up the smell of the pine trees and lichen.

It was just me on the trail…(apart from our film crew from The African Attachment who occasionally popped out of the trees at me) at about the 20mile mark into the race, it is going to really start hurting here.

With the sun on my skin I started the climb up to the ‘Cardiac’ (it speaks for itself) aid station. It snakes its way up along the ridge, jumps up steps and bursts onto trails with vistas spreading forever and further to meet the sunrays. It was so peaceful until I couldn’t contain myself any longer and had to shout out loud in utter joy.

It is 3days out from The North Face 50. The team, my meandering family have arrived, apart from PhilV who unfortunately had to pull out of being my pacer/chatter box due to illness (we will miss you PV, and get well soon, but will have you with us in spirit). But Thanks Josh Korn for stepping up to the challenge at the last minute.

I am feeling anxious and excited about the unknown, but so happy to be here, so content and grateful for what I have got, what I have achieved and what journey I am about to go on.

Thanks to everyone who is part of making my dreams come true!

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…for regular updates of the race!


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