NEW Round the Mountain Circuit Record


Sunday 29th January


Start/finish point: (Yellow Star) Stratford Plateau

Route and time splits: (Orange Triangles)

With no previous female attempts I was out to set a bench mark.

Going Clockwise from Stratford Plateu -DawsonFalls– Waiaua Gorge Hut – Kahui Track junction: 20km 3.47hrs

Kahui Track junction (Blue Star): ReFuel stop

Kahui Hut – Holly Hut: 5.50hrs

Holly Hut – Stratfort Plateu: 7.41hrs



4 thoughts on “NEW Round the Mountain Circuit Record

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  2. Fantastic effort – Anna you must have been so tired after the ascent/descent too. Does anybody know wht the round mountain distance actually is or is it too variable with slips, re-routing etc?

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