Shotover Moonlight Marathon

Wow…that was a hard mountain marathon.

Riding in style via helicopter to the start line I was feeling slightly apprehensive about how my legs would hold up after the weekend before breaking records in Taranaki. I had only just got rid of the DOMS (delayed onset of muscle soreness) and here I was lining up…again. And yes it hurt. My legs were empty…each uphill I grovelled up, each downhill I fumbled down. But I found some strength from the inspirational course that meandered from the Pipeline bridge through the Ben Lomond Valleys and over the high Moonlight ridges before splashing upstream to Moke Lake.   

I came in first female in 5.15hrs and 45minutes behind the winning male Martin Cox in 5th overall.  

Definaley put this one on the list of races to do…but don’t take this one lightly. Phew.

See what fellow Salomon team mates thought of it too:

2nd place – Grant Guise:

and Matt Bixley:

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