Advance Week Day 1-2

The Long Haul

40+hours of travel, one bag search, one wrong plane – how that happens I don’t know – and I have arrived at Kalamitsi – 4hours south west of Athens – Greece.

The Salomon Advance Week. A chance to catch up with our Salomon family. To run. To test future product. To promote our brand. We are all close…we have a lot to catch up on…we also have a lot of running to do. We are so lucky to have the support of such a passionate company…all striving for the same thing. Love of the mountain trails.

Our dinners have been glorious fresh salads, tomatos, olives – of course, and big chunks of feta cheese smothered in fruity oils. Followed by pastas and tender meats. Fruits with spice and to top it all off a swig of Ouzo.

The clear turquoise blue ocean relaxed my travelled worn out body – not quite 18degrees but still saltily wonderful, and to run pain free around the olive trees was more than enough to make me a content little being.

The next 4 days will be full but fun. Keep an eye on Salomon Running facebook page for some stunning pictures as well as fellow atheltes (such as Zhannah, Jono, Rickey Gates, Jen Seggar, Kilian) and ambassadors (like Matt Ward/Mud Sweat and Tears, Phil V, Gripmaster for more.


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