Advance Week Day 4-6

3 busy beautiful days … Testing product on hard and hot trails … Video and Photo shoots … accupuncture and holistic treatment … lunch on the beach … play time with the team … focused meetings with designers and managers … suunto experiements and downloads …

and for the cherry on the top …Vertical climb and 35km race this weekend …


2 thoughts on “Advance Week Day 4-6

  1. WOW!!! I´m following ur blog since a few weeks ago (and the blog of Anton Kurpicka too).,..Its really inspirational for me..a NON UTRA RUNNER WHOWANTS TO BE ONE OF THEM! :p…. I ran my 1st 42 km two weeks ago…Have u any recomendation for start my training for long long distances?? my email is…Ivan Gawek, from the mountuains of Argentina 🙂

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