Race Days and Heading Onwards

Party time and midday heat meant nursing a cloudy head and a swirling stomach.

We dragged ourselves to the start of the vertical climb and of course the adrenaline hit and we were in race mode. 650m distance from the bottom took about 4-6minutes with cheering and learing and a few elbows and shoves to get the best line to the top. I have never been so happy to see the finish flags.

But, by the next day I was excited about the 35km beast of a race that we were lining up for. Climbing up for hours before descending steeply down coral-like rocks. It was one of those days…when I just doesn’t go well. The temperature soared, my lactic acid built up and up and up, I turned my ankle and I went the wrong way…badly…all in the first 8km. Which in hindsight gave me the kick up the butt I needed to get moving. I chased the field down over the rocks and through the sleepy villages. It turned into a special day out to top off our magical week.

Sharing time and laughs with each other. Motivating and learning, giving ideas and testing products. Thanks to all the Salomon Crew for making me feel so content. Good luck for another awesome year ahead.


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