3 Days in 3 Ways – SNOWDON

From the Salomon Advance Week in Greece I had 4 days before I moved to my new abode – Tazacorte, West coast La Palma–Canary Islands.

I picked up the black beauty – the VW transporter van which was my European home during 2009-2010 and headed for Snowdonia -North Wales.

I would hardly call it a warm welcoming back to the mountains but I was certainly welcomed. TheSnowdon ranges have always been some of my favourite and successful training grounds. So I thought it would be rude not to spend the next 3 days getting back to the ‘routes’ of it.

I stared off with the most straight forward route that goes directly up and back down from the quarry village Llanberis to the summit along side the train track…yes that’s right…there is a mountain train that takes you to the summit…eeekkk.

This route is often used for the Great British Mountain running championships/trials in which I currently hold the record for. See my ‘move’ here: http://www.movescount.com/moves/move4957719

The next day I am stocked up with friends love from the core and curry night as well as some famous Lloydie cake and coffee for breakfast. We head up and over Moel Eilio from the Quarry carpark to the Ranger Trail below.

Helicopters were zigzagging across the valley searching for people that the mountain seems to gobble up. To the summit in snow was a novelty which soon wore off as the cold wind bit through me and deep into my bones.

3seconds on the summit was all I could bare before charging back down the ranger trail into the beautiful Telegraph valley track and into Petes Eat – Llanberis for coffee and cake.



Café Gwynant is at the bottom of Watkins Path so what better way to start the day than coffee and flapjack.

Tired legs meant it was a long 1.18hr to the summit which was clearer than the last 2 days but much more bitting.

So I sailed off the top, down the Ranger trail, around Cyngorion, over the marathon road, past the quarry and back to the warmth of the black beauty. http://www.movescount.com/moves/move4957721

That was it…my time in theUK. I didn’t get to go up the final routes to the Summit– Pyge and Miners Trails and the Horse shoe but I’m sure they will wait and welcome me back with open arms next time.

Next up…La Palma.


One thought on “3 Days in 3 Ways – SNOWDON

  1. If only we’d known you were local! We were ploughing our way up Glyder Fach and playing around Idwal slabs over the Easter weekend. We saw a few runners and thought of you, but it didn’t cross our minds that you might actually be around! Good luck in the Canaries!

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