Tazacorte Casa de La Palma

The hardest thing about last year was the constant travel, moving from one hotel to the next every 4 or less days, not having the same bed, never unpacking my 100L duffel bag, long haul flights and no routine.

This year I have made a conscious effort to base myself in one place for more than that. So here I am in Tazacorte –La Palma. In an apartment close to the beach, with trails surrounding and of course local cafes. What a treat it has felt having a shelf for my tooth brush, a draw for my running kit rather than just a stuff sack, a washing machine and drying rack…it is the small things that really do count.

I have had one week already with Gilbert to explore this brutally harsh volcanic island. It is the steepest island in the world and it definitely feels it. It is beautiful with some extreme weather microclimates which you can run through summer to winter in a matter of minutes. We have run and walked on the course as well as totally off trail on some adventures, swum at the outdoor pools and relaxed on the black volcanic beaches in the scorching sun.

I have another 3 weeks to reci the course and get my legs used to the intensity of the terrain before the TransVulcania Sky Race on May 12th. It is going to be one tough 50mile race…with previous times really showing the toughness of this course.

I will be doing my extra miles on my newly acquired racing mountain bike and with a swimming pool close at hand ill be needing to save my legs at all costs!

It’s nice to call this incredible island my home…for now!




3 thoughts on “Tazacorte Casa de La Palma

  1. please, please show us more pics and tell us what its like there! good luck in the race. its great to see you doing this one!

  2. Just met you and Gilbert at the airport as we dropped off bikes. Gilbert and I chatted a bit on the plane, said goodbye in Manchester. What you do is inspiring. Best of luck for you in the run! I’ll be
    following your progress. Enjoy La Palma.

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