The GR131

I am in the final hard week of training before the TransVulcania race (for more info about it go to: so that meant a long day out on the course. I left from the El Paso visitors centre and headed up the steepest and quickest way to the GR131 to get going on the race route. I was blessed with a cloudless day…well for that moment, as the weather can change within minutes here…and I could see across to El Pilar where the race route comes from.

It was a constant climb for the next 3.30hrs but with continuous change in climate, terrain, foliage and colours of the volcanic rocks and cliffs I hardly noticed the time go by.

With clouds building in the valley and steadily climbing up to the ridge, I put in a bit of a burst to get to the Roque Muchachos – the Observatory (with more than 75% clear nights and the worlds largest telescope) which looked more to me like a parking space for the aliens and more importantly for me it is the highest point in the race at 2426m.

From here it is 18km down, down, down to Tazacorte Porte and another 6km meanly back up to Llanos to the finish.

I have learnt to enjoy running downhill but mentally I still lack the concentration to keep going hard all the way down, but my usual love for the uphill goes into over drive for the last 30killer-minutes up a cobbled banana plantation road.

I have 2 more long runs this week and then it is time to step back from the intense training and enjoy the beaches and cafes. I have tried to do 4-5hrs a day of running, swimming, biking, aqua jogging and walking/playing in the sea which I feel has got me to a pretty good standard. I would show you my ‘Movescount’ (an online training diary) but I am having issues with it….coming soon! but it looks a little something like this…

This race is going to challenge me in every way. I am nervous and excited and a little scared about the unknown…but…bring it on!


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