Taper Time for TransVulcania

A Love : Hate Relationship

I love it because:

  • After 5weeks of an average of 25hrs training (including running, biking, swimming/aqua jogging and walking) and three hard ones of those being here in La Palma I am sufficiently tired and in need of some recovery.

  • For the runner geeks out there (Matt, Tony) who want to know more stats here they are (for everyone else skip this point):
Weight April 3rd 58kg
  May 10th  
Diet (General) Breakfast Banana, yoghurt, honey,   almonds, strawberries (plus oats if I am doing a long run), black coffee (I   have cut out milk)
  Lunch Salad with a mixture of:   Lettuce, tomato, avocado, poached eggs, beetroot, apple, carrot, tuna and   sundried tomatos. Mule Refuel bar, black coffee
  Dinner Salad (as above) or grilled   vegetables. Brown rice or lentils (if I feel I need some more carbo’s) plus   protein – chicken, tuna, steak, eggs, tofu
  Snack Nuts, yoghurt or ice-cream,   chai tea
Training Mon 1hr run, 1-2hr bike, 1hr swim/aqua jog
  Tues 4-5hrs run, ~30mins swim/aqua jog
  Wed 2-2.5hr run, ~30mins swim/aqua jog, 2.5hr bike
  Thurs 4-5hrs run, ~30mins swim/aqua jog
  Fri 30mins swim/aqua jog, recovery day
  Sat 2-2.5hr run, ~30mins swim/aqua jog, 2.5hr bike
  Sun 4-6hr run plus 1hr walk at end, ~30mins swim/aqua   jog
  •  I have more time to go to the beach, the markets, cafes, chatting to people and just enjoy being somewhere new and exciting

 I hate it because:

  •  I love running and spending days out in the mountains exploring
  • It is hard to hurry up and wait
  • I can’t sit still for long
  • I just want to race…NOW!

But like always, I never feel like you have done enough even though I have done what I can do. I have really loved the training out here although it has been very tough – hard, technical and hot. My poor shoes have been proof of the intensity of the terrain.

It is hard to judge how fit I really am as I haven’t had anyone, any race or any time trials to compare myself too. I know I am fit, but I guess we will see how fit on the day, when I go head to head with a field of incredibly strong women. Here is just a short list of some of the competition: IAU Trail World Champion Maud Gobert from France; Americans Darcy Africa, 2011 Hard-Rock 100; Nikki Kimball, 3rd 2011Western States 100 and 2007 TNF Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc®; Kasia Zajac from Poland, Zugspitz Super Trail 2011. Germanys Julia Bottger and Spanish Nuria Picas.

This week the rest of my Salomon family arrive. I am really looking forward to showing them just some of the gems I have found on this incredible island. It is always so calming to be able to share their experience, passion, motivation and support in something we all work so hard for.




12 thoughts on “Taper Time for TransVulcania

  1. Enjoy the taper then kick some ass! Sounds like you are really well prepared and in a fantastic head space. It looks like an amazing place to train. Happy trails……..

  2. Hi, I’ve followed your blog for like half a year now. Always brings me inspiration for my running. May I ask why have you cut out milk? Thanks and a lot of great running avdentures!

    • Hi…I have cut down/out on milk for a few reasons:
      1. I am slightly lactose intolerant so with too much I get a bit chesty…and even though I don’t have much milk in my coffee I have a lot of coffee so it all adds up.
      2. I didn’t like the taste of the milk in Greece so I stopped putting so much in my coffee.
      3. I think the heat in Greece and the Canaries has put me off a little bit more.
      4. I love the taste of strong coffee.
      Good Luck on your adventures!

  3. Hi Anna
    Awesome run. Onward and upward.
    So glad you doing so well.
    Look after those feet!
    Stay well.
    Lawrence from Cape Town

  4. Hi, well done on your win. What do you eat during your training? Surprised at how much biking you do. Is it mountain biking? Thanks

  5. Hi there Anna, we were walking/jogging down from the Roque when you came flying past on that 7,000ft descent. Very impressive! If you go to my website you’ll find the picture we took. We love La Palma, it’s a really beautiful island.

  6. Hi Anna!! Thanks for your comments on your blog.they help me keep on doing my best every day. I´d like to know whether you eat bread and pasta or not.Is that type of food allow when you train to compete? I´d appreciate your answer. Thanks and keep on being such a great inspiration.

    • Hi, I’m glad my posts are a help for you. Yes, I do eat bread and pasta, just in very small quantities. I feel more energized and my digestion is definately happier without wheat! Good Luck

  7. Thanks for sharing! Great training plan, colorful diet and… a wonderful place to train. We spent 3 weeks in La Palma and just loved it. Best whishes for the rest of your season!

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