Annecy Maxi-Race

I’m not actually sure when I made the decision to race this one. But who can hold themselves back from a 810m vertical burst up Mount Veryier…not me. As well as the incredible beauty of Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains that were luring me in. And I wanted a long day out so why not?! But 10.15hr was not as long as I was really thinking.

On Saturday the vertical race was over and done with in 41.28mins…with a reward of stunning views of the lake and towering mountains.

The Maxi-Race starts at 3.20am on Sunday morning. Initially it was 78km but with heavy rain the course was changed to avoid one of the highest points but was compromised with 10 more kms. So we were now up to 88km and 5100m worth of vertical climbing.

There were thousands of people out to play. Running, walking, jogging and supporting. Off into the dark peaceful night we were cheered through the streets. Don’t people sleep here?! Then as we reached the top of Semnoz – the first hill – the trail was marked with fire lights. I turned my head torch off and enjoyed the romance.

The rest of the day was filled with hard climbs and descents. Heat and water, support and freedom, peace and goats bells. As the clock ticked on, so did the pain in my legs. At the top of the final climb, I was only 1-minute behind the 3rd male. He spotted me and took off. My legs were done and just managed to stay on my wobbly feet for the final descent into Annecy. A stunning day out and a hilarious cartoon to sum it all up!

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