Flopped Footsteps

I wasn’t just burning it; I had burnt it! And I wasn’t hitting it; I had hit it!

After 6weeks totally and utterly focused on TransVulcania Race, the success and relief, the media and parties, the late nights with new and old friends and play and adventures in the mountains, mixed with travel and changing climates and then the 10hours on the Maxi-Race Annecy, I was cooked!

I needed rest and recovery. So off I went in my Origin Campervan to the top of the Semnoz, where I slept, slept in the sun and slept amongst the flowers and slept some more. My legs were not recovering. The muscles were twitching all night. I had fluid retention in my ankles.  I needed to recharge my mind. I needed to find my spirit and passion again in the mountains. And after nearly a week, my body and mind were ready to find a mountain summit. I went to Chinaillon to support Kilian and Lizzy in a race across some beautiful mountains. And there I found the freedom and contentment that I hunt. The beauty of the nature and the happiness is giving me. I spent one last night of recovery on aColin the clouds. And in the morning the summit opened up to me luring me in. and up there I found love. 360° of love.

I am sitting in a posh hotel in Les Contamines. I had a 20minute shower. A novelty these days. I await the arrival of some of my Salomon Family. We are going on a 3-day adventure on the Ultra Trail Mount Blanc (UTMB) Trail. There is a race on the trail which takes in 168km of stunning trail and 9600m of altitude change. And takes anywhere from 21.5hours-46hours http://www.ultratrailmb.com/accueil.php And to be honest it is tempting me in, it is intriguing me, and it is scaring me. This will be a beautiful way with friends to see some stunning scenery.

4 thoughts on “Flopped Footsteps

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