Pain and Voodoo and Life…Continues

Well, after over 2-weeks of accepting and trying to learn from the intense pain in both of my shoulders and both of my ankles/shins I gave up. It was too much. I started on anti-inflammatory and science.

Blood tests all came back ‘normal’ and I found a genius of a physio at La Clinique du Sport in Chamonix After a bit of head scratching…it came down to the fact that my legs were just not recovering. They just needed some TLC. So with some zapping of the Compex machine, some massage and some rest, the pain is slowly going away.

I am by no means getting anywhere fast though. For some fun and some metal relief I participated in 2 vertical kilometers this week on legs that did not feel like they belonged to me. I am trying to be patient and good about giving myself the time I need to recover, but it is so hard when you are surrounded by incredible mountains.

I had a wonderful early morning tracking Seb Montaz, Kilian Jornet and the Ibex up on the Flagere route leading to Lac Blanc in time for a stunning sunrise. The ice crystals delicately grew right in front of my eyes, and the sun warmed my chilled hands and face from the breeze off the really late snow.


We spoke of life, of the mountain spirit. I wondered if it is in us already? Or if we find it on a mountain top? Or if it finds us?

My little home – my Origin Campervan – for the last 6-weeks had to go back to Lille. So I had a huge day and night driving, shuttles, airports and more shuttles back to Chamonix. There was my meandering family ready for the weekend of racing. And then onward together to Font Romeu for Kilians ClassiK. It is amazing how fast time goes by. How much you can pack in, but how it can also just seem like yesterday. This chapter is done. I have loved the freedom of the van. The beauty of waking up literally in the mountain. Breathing the air and smelling the beautiful wild flowers.




6 thoughts on “Pain and Voodoo and Life…Continues

  1. If John Hellemans is unable to solve your leg problem ( enjoy Lunch anyway!!!), may I suggest you try CHIA seeds = the super food of the Tarahumara tribe popularised in Born to Run. I find that taking 1 dspn of seeds soaked onight in water plus Manuka honey is magic. Not in your league but pursue Ironman training with a Lydiard passion so legs get a touch hammered!!! Think you would enjoy reading Shambhala byC Trungpa= a book that Em Miazga brought to my attention.
    Be a windhorse, Ian

  2. Anna, hope you’re feeling better.

    On one hand you’re saying you’re in a lot of pain and your legs feel bad, but then you’re running vertical K races and doing long hike/runs in the mountains. I’m not sure these are compatible.

    Perhaps you should do little to no exercise at all for a few days and really, actually heal. Then do some light hiking and bike riding. You are a gifted athlete, you will lose very little fitness by taking a week or even a month off.

  3. I think the mountains are in us already…. somehow. I can´t be in mountains everyday, but I love them and just the notion that they are there somewhere makes me calm and relaxed…..well who knows how it really is 🙂 I wish you fast recovery!!! Klara

  4. Hello Anna !!!!
    Je t’ai rencontré au Cross du Mont Blanc 🙂 ….
    Mon anglais is so bad ….
    Sorry !!!!!
    Récupère vite et fais nous VIBRER !!!!
    Merci pour tout ma belle !!!

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