Up Coming Fun in USA


Hardrock100 www.hardrock100.com/ Dream team crew for Joe Grant with TK, Wolfe and Clarke –Silverton,Colorado

Boulder to Park City camping and exploring on route.

Speed Goat http://karlmeltzer.com/speedgoat-50k/ Currently placing a question mark over this race with fatigued legs still keeping my two feet on the ground. Now 6 days out I am feeling like I will be able to race, but not feeling extremely confident about my form. Uphill is coming along, but flat still brings on some pain in my legs.


Outdoor Retailer Show –Salt Lake City

Filming and playing for Seb Montaz and Kilian’s ‘Summits of my Life’ http://www.summitsofmylife.com/en/ with TK in some big mountains somewhere.

Training and camping at high altitude with Jen Segger in her preparation for Leadville100.

Some Fastest Known Times (FKT) attemps…Research to be done! But thinking about Longs Peak – Standard Keyhole route, Mt Elbert, Greens and Sanitas – Boulder.

TransRockies Run3 www.transrockies-run.com

Pikes Peak Ascent http://www.pikespeakmarathon.org/

Leadville100 Pacer http://www.leadvilleraceseries.com/page/show/311976-leadville-trail-100-run


One thought on “Up Coming Fun in USA

  1. This is going to be one fun Hardrock 100 to watch 2maro! Not only is their amazing competition in the actual race; but a lot of top athletes are the pit-crews!

    Amazing stuff; Good Luck to you and your crew helping out Joe! I’ll be rooting for you guys/gals!

    And keep on dominating the field Anna! You are truly and inspiration.

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