To the Tetons

Not an easy place to sit and stare at the mountains! Come on ankles…let me run!!!



3 thoughts on “To the Tetons

  1. Hey Anna, I’m doing a piece on Ultra Marathons for the Guardian newspaper and I wondered whether you’d be up for an interview? My friend Jules at Tracks and Trails pointed me in your direction. Would be ace if you were keen but I know you must be busy and I’d be grateful if you could let me know either way.
    Many thanks

  2. Nice photos, it looks beautiful there. A little more tranquility can’t hurt as you continue with your recovery.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences on your blog. I’ve just begun my own running adventure this year and following your journey is really inspiring me to continue and work hard. You seem like a such a cool person too. (Nice haircut 🙂

    Congrats on the SpeedGoat 50k btw. Sounds like it was a tough run, but you literally muscled through the pain and came out on top anyway. That’s a good sign. You might actually not be too far from where you’re trying to get health-wise, and you might even get beyond your goal by the end of this season.


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