Salt Lake City

I came back to Salt Lake City (SLC) after some special days in the Tetons walking, running and just admiring the magestical peaks in the sun, rain and lightning storms (this time from the safety of the truck at the bottom).

Kilian, Tony and Me chasing the pot of gold. Photo: Seb Montaz

It was the first time I had been to the Outdoor Retailer show, basically an event for all the summer outdoor brands to come together and sell each other the new seasons ideas and gear as well as party into the wee hours.

Organised confusion…

I have never seen so many outdoor people accumulated under so much artificial light, so many colours, new kit and ideas. It was exhausting. Not to mention the UpHill Challenge. A 15minute run on a tredmill at a 15% incline. I was up against New Balance mountain running legend Brand Erholtz. One false start (neither of us being able to work out how to use the tredmill) and we were off. All I can say is OUCH and YUCK. Brandy finsihed in 1.30miles a new record and I came in just behind her (like usual) at 1.29miles.

Of course there is always time to find some mountains and SLC is lucky to have Mt Olympus on its back door step. It gives a good 4200ft climb up to 9000ft with some fun scrambling over boulders at the top. My fastest time I managed with plenty of power hiking was 1.16hrs to the top, and I’m sure there are a few more minutes I could take from that now knowing the route a bit better.

Sunset ontop of Olympus

Then just a little further into the hills is the Wasatch crest trail, where the Wasatch 100mile race is held which could be tempting. Kevin Winzeler photography took me on a sunset shoot on the ridge looking out across the flowers and into the bright red and orange auras, which turned to darkness and bright starry night lit up by the full moon. A wonderful way to release the city stress at the end of the day.

Now, it is time to get back to Colorado. To the 14ers. To the peace and quiet of the mountains. Where I really feel comfortable.



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