I’m such a GIRL sometimes

I had decided, then undecided, then decided, then ‘um’ed and ‘ar’ed, then decided and undecided again.

Should I do Pikes Peak Ascent or not.

The excitement on top of Pikes Peak

The womens field is stacked full of awesome women who are going for that long standing incredible record. I wanted to be part of that pack charging up the 13mile hill together. I wanted to improve my time from 2 years ago of 2.43hrs. I wanted to feel confident that I would have a strong race.

I took this week to try and rest up, heal up the last lingering niggles in my ankles and enjoy the ride on Transrockies Run with new and old friends.

Transrockies campfires, smores, snuggles and story tales

But, instead of my legs feeling fresher, and bouncier and full of energy, they got stiffer, and more tired and more full of lead. Many people told me that is a ‘good sign’ – it doesn’t feel good to me. So this morning after another flat and breathless 30min run, I made the decision not to race.

As well as all this…Leadville100 is on. And my friends – Tony Krupicka, Jen Segger and Thomas Lorblanchet are racing. And I want to be there for them. There is something so special about supporting someone through a race. About seeing them in and helping them out of the dark spaces that races like 100milers take people to.

Leadville surrounded by BIG mountains

This time Leadville100 is where I will direct my energy, my love for the trails and my enthusiasm for personal success. I will wait to race for myself until I feel confident that I have prepared well, that I am recovered and ready to race.

GOOD LUCK to all who race Pikes and Leadville100. I’ll either be there in mind or body!


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