Transrockies Run

An awesome event! Last year I won the mixed teams with super friend and trail train Rickey Gates. The year before I won the RUN3. This year I was signed up to race the RUN3 again, but with my ankles still sore on the flats I decided to go along for the fun ride and do just the Hope Pass day with a slight detour to the top of Hope Mountain.

Hope Mountain with Jon Harrison and Luna

Today the teams continue into day 4 with sore and tired legs, blisters and cuts and scratches, but with motivation and support from an incredible Transrockies crew, all the surrounding ‘trail striders’ and of course their wonderful team mates to give them a kick up the butt when they need it. ‘Keep on Running’ with strength and a smile!!!

And a huge CONGRATULATIONS to all the RUN3ers.

Go to the website to see all the amazing photos, the fun news, whos winning what and each days funny videos.


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