Changing My American Blues

It was the change. I was comfortable and at ease in the USA. My injury was holding me back but I had accepted it and was managing it. My lifestyle was simple, filled with mountains and passionate people. I did not want to leave.

Happiness on Handies. Photo: Tony Krupicka

Scrambling on the 2nd Flatiron. Photo: Fred Marmsater

The change of seasons was coming. The leaves were turning yellow. And that also meant it was getting colder. I arrived in Chamonix just in time for the UTMB hype.

It is always wonderful to be part of the nerves that surround your friends as they prepare to race. And then came the UTMB change. The course was shortened and flattened. Disappointment was huge and it was difficult not to feel that.

I was unmotivated. From almost 3months of battling with injury, I physically felt slow, lethargic and heavy. From almost 3 months of battling with race decisions, I mentally felt slow, lethargic and heavy. I had pulled out of the Pikes Ascent (but replaced it with a very proud and happy weekend at Leadville100)

Pacing Thomas over Hope(less) Pass

5 fantastic runners! Photo: DROZ

Then when I arrived in Europe I pulled out of the World Mountain Running Championships in Italy where I would have represented NZ. I needed to change something. Cavalls del Vent  is coming up. The next race for me in the SkyRunning Ultra series. It is going to be long and hard. I am scared and excited for it. The womens record sitting at 11.37hrs, over 84.2km, with 6000m of ascent. And it is going to be a battle of the best with an extremely stacked field in both the mens and womens catergories.

THE profile…ouch!

So our wonderful team doctor suggested I do a detox. To cleanse the body, to take everything back to basics, to find some routine. And once the body felt better, my mind would feel better too. A weight would be lifted and my confidence would come back. Grapes was the answer. Grapes and only grapes. That was going to be the change I would need.

So 5 days into only eating grapes, I actually feel good. I have done long slow run/walks in the mountains from Matterhorn to Canazei. I am now in Sesto – Dolomites – SudTirol – Italy/Austria, for the Drei Zinnen Marathon. It is my favourite race which I know will make me smile.

A stunning place on earth.

Change is all part of our lives. It is how we deal with it that counts. We all go through ups and downs. And it is accepting both of those and appreciating them. It makes us human. I have always had a lot of change. And I get tired of it sometimes. But it is what makes me me. It is why I travel and run, because I love it. Change.

Be the change you wish to see in the world!


10 thoughts on “Changing My American Blues

    • It is really up to each individual how they respond. Generally it is 3-7days. Seed grapes – any colour preferably organic. I am on day 5 now and feel light and refreshed, but with not a lot of extra energy. My head is spinning a bit today. I will eat small portions of veges and fruit over the next few days, but keep animal products excluded for a few more days. Have a search on the internet. It is quite interesting.

  1. My take after following your blog is pretty straightforward. Your body is still paying for the training and epic racing on Transvulcania- plus all other races leading up to it. Your mind is fresh but the body isn’t (despite taking time off here and there) Your symptoms indicate that you have not rested long enough for your body to fully heal from the accumulated training efforts. Racing through pain as you did in Speed Goat recently although applaudable also forced you to race through some fierce pain. I think so long as you keep racing w/o prolonged rest you are beckoning chronic pain/fibromyalgia type issues or flat out hormonal burn-out. Animal products or no animal products. Grapes or no grapes (and I love grapes). The best thing you can do, obviously hard since you are paid pro, is to rest up. Not fatten up- rather, stay long and lean. Rest, hike long day hikes on easy legs, rest, hike, draw, write, paint, draw, photograph, sketch, cry if you must, but let those legs/calves and ankles and feet fully heal and thereby grow stronger. Remember- your greatest ally is your mind and your super high pain threshold and these are therefore also your greatest weaknesses. But you already know all this, right?

  2. I wasn’t sure where to post this, but “American blues” seemed fitting, as I am very “blue” at the moment. I had planned to run The North Face 50 miler this December, I have been using your times as training goals, but 3 days ago I rolled my ankle and broke my foot, it’s a small fracture at the base of my 5th metatarsal, now I plan to use not only your training times to inspire, but also your positve recovery from the stress fracture in your foot (before TNF 2011) to get me to the starting line in December (still in peak shape). Any tips or good advice?
    Happy running Ms Frost, see you in December?

    • He is a everything doctor. I love that he has a holistic approach…our body, spirit and mind is all inter-twined so if one thing is out then naturally something else is going to over stress to compensate. He has many different methods for different people. He is not only a fabulous doctor but an essential part of our big family!

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