Open your eyes and you will SEE!

San Francisco Urban Trails. Everywhere you look, there is art. You just have to open your eyes and see it.


We were in San Francisco for TNF50 Championships. Rain, wind and a lot of mud changed the course but it didn’t change the determination and passion of the runners. A bit of confusion in the first half of the race with Sage, Adam and Jason and Tim going off course, left Miguel chasing in 5th. His patience and mental strength always inspires me and leaves no one in doubt about what he is capable of. His smile showed me he had won his second TNF50. I wasnt racing, but pacing Emelie, she dug deep, I wasn’t going to let her be comfortable, Stephanie and Maud were chasing. We hung on tight to the end and I proudly watched them all charge down to the finish. There are lots of race reports and interviews about the race at


But I was also inspired in another way. Rickey took me, The African Attachment and DROZ photos on a tour of his city run right from his front door, through the park, to the beach, over the twin peaks, up a lot of stairs and back to the warm coffee roastery.


We passed by graffiti, mozaics, statues, old ruined buildings, birds and beaches, trails, footpaths, parks and city views.




Everywhere we went there was some form of artistic distraction. The time wizzed by, looking at different colours, shapes, smelling different smells – both good and not so good.


The weather may have been grey, but running on the Urban Trails was anything but.


All photos: DROZ photography


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