The Road to Recovery

Being home has been my haven. A place with no media pressure. No races that lure me in. My friends. My family. My space and beaches. Waves and mountains. Birds and sunshine. I am slowly recovering and learning quickly about me, about new ideas, about things that seem so obvious yet I have never heard about them. I have been able to relax my mind. Take a deep breath. Time to discover me with the help of a wonderful support crew around me.

The long slow steps forward so far have been: Detox tea – release inflammation in the kidneys, Alpine tea – pretty much a laxative, Psyllium husks – dietry fibre, Detox menu – green veges, berries, fruit, minimal wheat and dairy, high protein and good fats, Xray on AC joint, Physio, Acupuncture, Lymphatic flush – highly recommend to anyone who has had some form of stress or even if you just feel a little lethargic, Massage, Bone density – Dexta, MRI, Menstrual Cycle Specialist, General health doctor, Sports medicine specialist. Phew.

Some interesting articles:


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