This Time Last Year

This time last year, Salomonites Grant Guise, Matt Bixley and I set about attempting some records on Mt Taranaki.


Here is my record run straight up and back down. Footage by Paul Petch – Outdoor Photography (NZ).



Matt set the fastest 4 ascents in a day and then check what happened the day after on the Round the Mountain attempt. Matt Bixley 4 summits in 13 hrs 39min

While Grant happily skipped his way around the mountain in a record breaking 6.08hrs,

Grant Guise 6hrs 08min  45km round the mountain

I trudged through the mud, and grumpily stumbled over the tree roots. Making it to half way and swearing to pull out until Matt somehow talked me into carrying on to set a new record (and I feel a very soft record) of 7.41hrs.


WARNING: Grumpiness and swearing!!! “In Need of Motivation”

Stock photos of the mountain days 

Even through the grumpiness and vulnerability I felt out there on my own, there is something about sharing that physical limit with such great friends! Thanks dudes!





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