A Hard Decision Made





7 thoughts on “A Hard Decision Made

  1. Hey Snow Cone!! You have made the correct decision and, although it does not feel that way now, will benefit you later in the year…. 🙂

  2. Frosty- My name is Brock Peterson and I am a footzonologist. I am so sorry to hear that the measures you have taken to recover have not worked, however, I can help you through footzoning. You probably haven’t heard of footzoning, most people haven’t, but that will soon be changing. Briefly, everything in our body and mind has a signal in our feet, that’s just the way we are created and work; footzoning is the method to manipulate the signal system on the feet in order to restore the body back to its natural and perfect state. I have seen true miracles as a result of footzoning, I would love to tell you about them. The bottom line is that footzoning corrects proplems in our bodies and minds, it restores and rejuvenates our cells, and essentially helps us become our very best selves, feeling better than ever before. Footzoning is not reflexology, by the way, it is so far beyond that and it is truly an incredible healing art that people just haven’t heard about yet. You are one of my favorite runners and I know that I can help you recover completely. This is just a brief explanation, I would love to explain more fully about what exactly footzoning is, does, and how it will help you. Please contact me back at your convenience. l look forward to talking to you.

  3. A very strong headed, positive role model for all of us who’ve endured similar realities so prevalent and so inextricably linked to this sport and to sport in general. You’re a beacon of hope for us all – and doubtless your name and brilliant smile will be topping the charts in good time, or none; scratch time, it doesn’t matter; your spirit and heart are forever, and the legs will follow.

  4. I hope that you spent a good time in La Palme with your friends, your spirit and your smile in spite of this hard decision (but a well thought out one)

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