Kiliian’s ClassiK 2013

Kilian’s ClassiK 2013 – here we are. In Font Romeu for the 3rd year.

You can follow the big international team Salomon and friends – athletes, managers, photographers and designers and also some new young guns and some media – in all sorts of places i.e. Salomon running facebook, athletes posts on facebook, iRunFar and twitter.


Check it out as we test test test, run run run, play play play and work work work to make the Salomon products the very best they can be. Not only that but see the beautiful places we go and the wonderful people we meet along the way.

Yesterday we tested grip on 6 different shoes. Running down a varied terrain 7minute trail, gave feed back and ran – well hiked – back up again. After the 6th shoe and 4hrs of hill reps we were all starving. Lunchtime was with the kiddies…hundreds to screaming kiddies. They raced a really fun points system race where there required a lot of sprinting and of course yelling and cheering for each other.


The sun was warm and the wind cooled us down making for perfect afternoon nap conditions which many of us took advantage of. We then took advantage of the bright blue sky and headed into the mountains a little more for some photo shoots with our entire new race silhouette. By the time we got home we were all hot, tired, hungry and ready for sleep but rewarded after a long successful day.


Today we meet the locals for a run on some of the course and then its time to rest up for the race week.


It is all happening here this week before the Kilian’s ClassiK race this weekend of either 25km or 45km in the mountains of font Romeu. Forecast is for sunshine people!!!

See you there!


2 thoughts on “Kiliian’s ClassiK 2013

  1. Hello Frosty,
    Well, I’ve meant to write this since I met you at Killian’s Classic this year (I am the Canadian, although you probably met so many people they all blend together, but that’s ok too ☺). Anyways. As I was on my way to Font Romeu, I was caught myself thinking of the things I would say to you if I happened to meet you, but in the moment, I think I just lost my train of thought, or at least it was replaced by ‘oh my god, it’s Anna Frost’. Ha. First of all, I’d like to thank you for documenting your journey- through your blog and facebook page. It’s fantastic to follow your adventures, the ups and downs, the victories, injuries, joyful moments in the mountains, and the breaks to re-align, and find your center once again. You are such an inspiration, and I think you have set such a good example for women in sport (and in life) and you do such a wonderful job of promoting your sport. Kilian’s Classic was my first mountain race, and I ran it largely because of following your (and Kilian and Emilie’s) journey in the mountains- running, racing, exploring, and discovering. This is so inspiring, and so, although I never though I would be able to run a mountain race, that it was something beyond my abilities, I tried. And I loved nearly every minute of it- it was so beautiful, a huge challenge for sure, but an incredible journey of discovery. And I can’t wait to get back to the mountains. I am a prairie girl, and school and work have taken me to the Netherlands, and now to Berlin… lots of flat lands (still very charming of course ☺). So although I’ve never lived in the mountains, one day I hope to, to be able to run mountain trails more often, to explore and discover. So, long story short, it was a pleasure meeting you, if only for a minute or two, and it’s been wonderful to follow your journey. You are an inspiration, and I admire your philosophy, and your take on life ☺ I wish you the very best!


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