Everest Sky Love

What an amazing journey. I was not prepared for that one. The bag was heavy, the days were hard and long. But the experience bought me alive. At the start of my journey I met the extraordinary runners that had already been running 15 days from Annapurna base camp. I expected tired, skinny, grumpy, dirty people, but what arrived that night was a group of amazingly strong minded and willed explorers. They helped change my mindset of what is possible. Something I had not imagined before. The days I was fatigued, I thought of all of them out there, 15 more days of travel through these incredible mountains and valleys in their legs. It inspired me with mental and physical strength and endurance. I am grateful to them all, to the mountains that gave us so much energy and in the end empowered us with the reminder that we are still just a small matter in the grand world. Too much snow and risky conditions stopped us…but not in our tracks. We all continued for more miles in more wonderful scenery. For me, my journey stopped in Namche Bazar. In front of Ama Dablam, Everest and Lhotse. There I rested in the fresh mountain air, absorbing the sun into my tired legs and finding the peace I was so ready for.

Here is the race in photos:

CONGRATULATIONS and Thank you so much to all the Himal/Everest Racers. This has been a wonderful experience.

All the results and some pictures here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Les-Chevaliers-du-Vent/465471180167763

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