Manaslu Mountain Trail Race

With just recovered legs from the Everest Trail Race we set off again on another adventure around Manaslu. A group of totally different dynamics was nice…firstly most spoke English as their first language (and just to keep me from being home sick some kiwis in the mix) and the majority were girls! Girl Power! Most had never done something like this so nerves and anticipation were high. Over the next 8 days we followed the wonderful, almost untouched trails from the forest valleys to the high pass over to the Annapurna region. We were lucky for blue skies and warm days with super cold and starry nights. Everyone did amazingly well, pushing their comfort zones way out, pushing through physical pain and discomfort but always vibrant with mental energy after the long days out. Congratulations and thank you to all of you, Richard included, who made the journey so special. You can see lots more great photos and write-ups at the Manaslu Mountain Trail Race Facebook and website too. Happy Running.

4 thoughts on “Manaslu Mountain Trail Race

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