Annapurna Abundance

I had one more week to explore the mountains. So after the Manaslu Trail and a few beers with the team at the finish, I set off again, with of course, Buddy the dog who had followed us all the way around Manaslu. I planned to get to Manang, a village at 3400m altitude with various trails and also flat plateaus to run on for a few days. What I wanted the most was tonot have to pack my sleeping bag everyday. So I booking into a small and very basic but comfortable lodge for a few days. It was magical. And after 4 days of magic, my body and mind were tired. It was time to get out of the high altitude and to Pokhara. However, Thorong La stood in the way. A pass at 5400m altitude. It is amazing really, you would think there would be a lot of snow at that height. But actually crossing over towards Tibet, it felt just like a big sand dune. Finally in Jomsom I crossed my fingers all night for the flight and even on the flight of the tiny plane my fingers were still crossed. I arrived to Pokhara happy to breath the oxygen, to feel the warmth of the longer days, and also extremely happy with such a wonderful 7 weeks in the mountains.

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