Costa Rica Catch-Up

The Coastal Challenge – Costa Rica was an experience of a lifetime.

The 6 day stage race covered so many beautiful landscapes, trails, beaches, waterfalls and wilderness that it is so hard to describe. The birds and bugs were almost unbearably loud, the rain forest so thick and green you couldn’t see what was making the weird and wonderful noises inside. The heat and humidity was immense and when it rained…it really rained. The monkeys swung and scrapped in the trees above and the Macaws flew and fed together in the almond trees. The people accepted us as their friends. Friends of their nature, their animals and their land. They invited us with open arms, fed us with deliciously sweet and fresh fruit and ‘just caught fish’. Costa Rica is a place for all. You could do almost anything, relax on a beach, swim to an island, snorkel, dive, hunt bizarre wildlife in night hikes, raft, visit active volcanoes, run to the summit of Chirripo, surf, shop at markets and eat all kinds of yummy foods. This is a place that if you haven’t been, you should! And a race like The Coastal Challenge provides you a passport for the Costa Rican bliss!

Want some advice on your journey there? Real Costa Rica Vacations can help you with everything!

And for some more pictures of the race see: J. Andrés Vargas and Ian Corless art works!

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