A booming race on the international circuit, Paul Charteris has jumped head first into making this race – his passion – become something huge. And the stacked international field showed this. Not a race for me at this time in the season, I still love to support friends, see the racing action and meet new people on route.

This year Cyclone Lusi put a spanner in the works, shortening the course but onto a route I like much better, as crew – as it is less of a logistical nightmare and as a runner – more vertical ascent.

An interesting perspective of this change of distance saw some huge explosions early on with an insanely quick pace – as now they were ‘only racing 70km instead of 100km’. But for us spectators this made the day only more exciting. As pacers jumped in and out of the race it was action packed with the relay and the different distances, as well as the fun of seeing the race unfold on the out and back course. I paced Martin Gaffuri from New Balance France through a super strong final 18km gaining some places in the field and finishing 6th.


Cyclone Lusi never really showed her face and on course it was pleasantly warm with just a light drizzle to cool us down and the only real touch of her power was at the finish line where everything and everyone was buckled down to the gusty winds.

LM_140315_Tarawera2014_0250_MEDres (logo)

Both the men’s and women’s fields put on a great show and here are all the results of the great day of racing.

The announcement of a $300,000 grant towards the race from the Major Events Development Government Fund had people standing, cheering, hugs and tears flowing in support and acknowledgment that this excellent race has earned its spot on the international circuit.

Tarawera 100 Fun Run & Te Puia

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