Peaks Foundation – Singapore

I had never been to Singapore and had heard only fun things about it so when I was contacted by Peak Foundation to attend their Women’s Leadership and Adventure Summit I was intrigued. Not only was this a wonderful charity – inspiring women around the world to strive for success together – but also, I was driven by a woman whose passion for this project (and running) was obvious.

peak foundation

The humidity was breath taking and the city buzz was a shock to my system but I wandered and biked the streets with eyes wide open. Such a multi cultural place with architecture that doesn’t always quite make sense to the eye.

Running was flat and hot, but with some exploration we found some wild ways that lead all the way to Malaysia and the ‘one’ park with the ‘one’ trail where hundreds of running enthusiasts swarmed to in the weekends.

But the focus of the trip was the Summit joined by 40 women seeking inspiration. We woke ourselves up with a run and some yoga before meeting at the Hub for a breakfast and the beginning of the motivational speeches.

We heard from the heart of this project – Chloe Chick who explained her mission with the Peaks Foundation Charity, beginning with the 3 peaks, 3 weeks challenge.

Beatrix Chong – Singapore Rock Climbing Champion “…you never feel 100% prepared, so you just have to go for it”,

Jane Horton – From the Horton Group “pivotal events change our direction and we are forced to ask who am I, what is my purpose and what do I believe in”.

Rachel Ng – Windsurfer and SUP boarding champion “keep pursuing your passion with the support of surrounding women, even if it is not for us now but for the future. We can always dream”.

MasterCard – The voice of women to purchase with a purpose. An example was in Cambodia. In a high-end hotel, each check out payment that was made with MasterCard a bicycle was given to the local community.

In the afternoon we were put to the test with either rock climbing or SUP boarding, being privileged to see these girls in action and share this experience with all. What an amazing day packed full with insight to women who have strived for success, and how we can continue to work together to share with powerful quality we have with women all around the world.

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