Speed Goat 50km

Boo! Go! And we were off! That is literally how quickly the race came round and how I felt about getting to the start line. It almost surprised me!

After an amazing and inspiring time at HardRock100 crewing and pacing Kilian and enjoying the company of so many other friends, my mind was absorbed into a week’s road trip with photographer Jordi Saragossa. It was a treat to be able to take time, search and look for photos that really inspired us both and the images Jordi shot really reflected that energy.

We arrived to Snowbird – the resort which hosts the Speed Goat 50km. Straight away I headed for where I knew the flowers would be blooming. It was like being back at school camp as Jordi, Rickey, Kasie and I set up home in our room. Chatting and giggling into the night.

Ok so now it is race morning….yikes, am I prepared? I think so? Boo! Go! And we are off! I better be prepared.

What I love about this race is the idea of having a time trial to the top of the first hill. It gives an event some tactics and play time. Kasie and I were running close, I knew she was a little apprehensive about this new and long distance for her so I figured she probably wouldn’t go for the top…so I did. Not long after Kasie came whizzing by as we headed down the first hill…me bumbling my way down. The hardest part of the course for me was about to come. The flat section out and back. The second hill was just as bad. I just couldn’t run and walking seemed tedious. Eventually out of tree line I could see the little blue dot of Kasie at least 8mins ahead. It was great to see the smiles of so many supporters once I was finally at the top. Here is the mentally tough bit…now down the hill, just to go back up the hill…again. As I hit the last uphill I spotted Kasie just around the corner. I was surprised to see her there and actually a little worried for her. Closing the gap we chatted and tried to work together to get to the top in one piece. We received news that Ellie Greenwood was chasing us down. I heard 2minutes so naturally I freaked out. You never want to have Ellie 2minutes and chasing as you know you will be annihilated! But what was actually said was 10minutes! Oh well, it got us both to the bottom of the hill and finish line quicker!

It was so great to have a day actually racing hard with wonderful athletes and friends. Definitely a tougher and longer course both mentally and physically but an honest and rewarding day out!


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