Fearless Frosty – The Book! ORDER NOW!



SisuGirls is about encouraging girls to have guts. It is about providing a safe and comfortable environment for girls to challenge themselves, to push outside their comfort zone and to fully understand and appreciate their enormous capabilities.

We believe you can give girls all the opportunities, education, and experiences in the world, but if they don’t have the self-confidence to utilise those skills they will never reach their highest potential. We need girls to understand they can walk their own life journey with confidence. We need their internal voice to say, “I can do this. I can achieve my goals.”


Chloe Chick – founder of SisuGirls – wrote Fearless Frosty because she wants our children, especially our girls, to have access to strong and healthy female role models who are working hard to achieve their goals, living with determination, bravery and resilience.  Living with guts. When she means living with guts, she means having the confidence to pursue their own life path, whatever it may be.

Fearless Frosty is the first book in a collection of children’s books about fearless women around the world, what we’re now calling the SisuGirls Series. We don’t just want to write a single book; we are committed to producing a collection that girls – and boys – will enjoy and learn from. And we need your help to get this collection rolling.

By supporting this campaign you are positively affecting our future. For society to flourish we all need to contribute to our full potential. If girls aren’t given the opportunities to explore their potential, how will they ever reach it?



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