Injury and Balance

Injury and Balance:
How does one cope with injury — one that doesn’t go away right away and at the same time, one that may potentially return if we continue to run the trails and mountains? (i.e. I have a pinched nerve in my lower back.  It does not cause pain but it does cause numbness and discomfort.  This has held me back from running as frequent, far or intense as I would want for fear that it might get worse… especially when the clearest advise that makes the most sense is:  “stop the running!”
How do you strike a balance between your hobby/sport (enjoying the trails and mountains) while still being able to do your other roles/responsibilities (i.e. day job, house/home chores, etc.)

2 thoughts on “Injury and Balance

  1. I think the first step is to remain patient and positive. Look around the injury. What else is in your life that is causing you stress? Biomechanics, old shoes, stressed relationship, work pressure??? Even if you cant solve these, be aware of them.
    When I had sciatic – literally a pain in the butt – I had my diaphragm massaged and also some accupuncture. If your diaphragm is tight it makes you lift your ribcage up and therefore puts a lot of pressure on the lower back!
    Yes, stop running. Walk. Walking is so underestimated. You get fresh air, mountain tops, endurance and long lean muscles for your return to running.

  2. Agree with Frosty there, but also, use this as a spur to get around the pain and out on the other side, stronger. Find exercises and variations that will strengthen your whole body, and in the end every part of you will thank you for thinking in the big picture, and not giving in to the pain/injury.
    If the pain is incapacitating, listen to the body talking to you, and rest properly. There is no shame in that whatsoever.
    Happy recovery and hopefully painfree future to you!

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