Mind V’s Body

Mind or body – what is the bigger challenge for you during a race?


5 thoughts on “Mind V’s Body

  1. Generally when I race, I have already done a lot of mental preparation. I have trained hard on the course leading up to the race and have usually gone through the mental barriers in training. But in the race I do go through phases. Usually at 4.5hrs I have a physical low, but once through that I am quite mentally tough and can push hard right to the end. However, things might change as soon as I try a 100miler. A friend once said to me “you will not even understand how much pain you will go through in 100miles”. Yikes!


    • I cannot wrap my head around an ultra distance, much less, a 100 miler! What kind of mental preparation tips/exercises can you recommend to break this seemingly self-imposed mental barrier? I’ve heard many times that ultra/long distances are really more mind over body (mental strength over physical strength).

  2. I think you have to accept that this is going to hurt, that mentally and physically you are going to go to places you have never been before. Be scared but intrigued by this. I think to have some great friends/family/supporters around you throughout the journey would also be useful. Because I have not done a 100miler yet I would also be interested to hear what tips/exercises people recommend.


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