Clorella Algae = Diarrea?

Hi Anna! Have you ever taken Clorella algae (pills) to detox? Lately I’m experiencing problems with my stomach (diarrea) during my runs, as soon as I increase the pace (race pace or higher); if I go to a normal pace, that’s fine. I read about the side effects of Clorella and I suppose this is the cause of my problems! But I’m not sure, so I start investigating it. Does it sounds familiar to you?
Thanks a lot!!

3 thoughts on “Clorella Algae = Diarrea?

  1. Hi Adriana, Yes, I have tried Clorella as a super power food. But it made me feel nauseous so I stopped taking it. Maybe you should stop taking it for 2-4weeks and see if the diarrea symptoms disappear. I now put Spirulina in my smoothies instead.

  2. Adriana, I have had a similar problem, and eliminated the clorella but it did not work. Eventually, what I figured out (after a visit to a GI who knew endurance athletes well) was that it was actually dehydration. IE– i wasn’t hydrating with electrolytes enough outside of the days of my long runs. I began to approach hydration the day before and eliminated the diarrhea entirely. FYI– if you are taking magnesium supplements, natural calm (magnesium largely), or epsom salt soaks that also loosens the stomach the morning after.

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