Race Stomach!

It would be nice to know something more about:

1. Your everyday diet and your diet before and after the race?

2. Do you have some stomach trouble during the race? If yes, how do you deal with it?


One thought on “Race Stomach!

  1. 1. I follow a low carbohydrate, starch and gluten diet and consume more ‘good’ fats and proteins such as nuts, avocados, salmon and seeds. I also try to minimise the dairy. I find this really helps to keep my weight and menstrual cycles regular.

    2. I am lucky that I dont suffer with stomach ache or nausea during races. However, I havent been further than 10.5hrs running yet. I did find during the later stages of adventure races it was hard to get in the amount of food I needed, so I drank high caloric drinks. I use MULEbar energy, protein and gels. They are all natural and maintain energy for a long time. My favourite is the chocolate and fig.


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