Oh Pants!

Hi Girls,

I am relatively new to distance trail running, and have a couple of trail marathons coming up including a cold one in the UK in December (CTS Dorset) and then Trans Gran Canaria marathon in March. It’s great following you and the other pro ladies on the ultra scene, very inspiring and I hope to run my first this time next year 😉

I was wondering what underwear you would recommend wearing for distance trail running (if any) under (a) running tights and (b) something looser like the running dress. I don’t wear any with shorts which have built in pants (like the s-lab skort), but wasn’t sure what would be best particularly with the tight leggings to minimize chafing etc and would really appreciate your views on this?!

Best wishes and many thanks in advance, Helen

3 thoughts on “Oh Pants!

  1. Hi Helen, It is a tricky one for sure. I don’t wear any pants under my skorts, usually they are comfortable enough and definitely reduces the chances of chafing! I have been using the Icebreaker ‘Sprite’ hot pants under my running dress and tights for the cold days and I really love them. Good Luck!

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