Adrenal Fatigue

Hi Anna,

I might be experiencing some of the same adrenal fatigue that you have had. Can you tell me a little more about your symptoms and healing process? Did you run at all during this recovery period, or just focus on yoga/pilates? How long did you take off from not running? What did you incorporate into your detoxifying diet? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

One thought on “Adrenal Fatigue

  1. Hi, well it wasn’t pretty. I retained a lot of fluid in my legs, I gained fat without my diet really changing too much. My bones were all soft and mushy and extremely painful when I pushed on them. I couldn’t sleep and I relied on coffee more than anything else in the world. I also got sick easily. I took a full month off running and just enjoyed reading, resting, walking, yoga/stretching/pilates as well as lymphatic massage and accupuncture. I eliminated coffee for a month and instead drank all sorts of different detoxing, refreshing teas. I ate a lot of green veges and fruit and kept my wheat and dairy to a minimum. I didn’t pressure myself to get back to fitness, I just started when it felt right. Time to listen to what your body is telling you! Good luck!

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