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SisuGirls is delighted to announce the addition of international mountain runner, Anna “Frosty” Frost, to its cause as a SisuGirls Ambassador as of 16th February 2015.

SisuGirls is a social enterprise whose mission is to inspire and encourage girls to be determined, brave and resilient.  Their aim is for girls to have the self-belief and conviction to try new things, the tenacity to endure, and the bravery to push boundaries through after school programs, awareness and education.

Not only will Frosty lend her years of mountain running experience to the SisuGirls’ program, she will also be the first woman to feature in a series of children’s books about fearless females, known as “Fearless Frosty”.

Frosty is known as a fierce contender in her sport, with several course records on treacherous trail runs around the world and was last year’s First runner up in the Skyrunning World Series. She is also fiercely passionate about inspiring women and girls to be the best they can be.

“I came across SisuGirls in 2014 and immediately I was blown away by their mission to encourage girls to become more brave, resilient and determined through sport and adventure. The encouragement I received along my path early in life has been critical, and I want to ensure that as many young girls get the same exposure and opportunities.”

Fearless Frosty tells the tale of the 33 year old New Zealander’s life and how she chased her dreams to be a mountain runner. The book’s message – that young girl’s have the power to do anything and chase their dreams, whatever they may be, – is one that is close to Frosty’s heart.

“Growing up I encountered several people who told me “You can’t”. I want to try and change that, I want every girl to know they can. The book is not about running, but about encouraging girls to explore the world and themselves through whatever means possible.”

Fearless Frosty will launch via crowd funding campaign on Monday 16th March, 2015.


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